Personal Privacy in the Digital Age

I've worked with scholars at Princeton, the Data & Society Institute, Yahoo!, IT University Copenhagen, and University of California, Irvine on various studies of personal data privacy. This has resulted in papers and talks at conferences from Theorizing the Web to the flagship ACM CHI conference on human-computer interaction, as well as numerous opinion pieces and interviews with media online and offline.

Seeing like a Rover

How do you work with a robot millions of miles away to make scientific discoveries on a planet you have never set foot on? While the team of NASA scientists and engineers rely on Spirit and Opportunity to do science on Mars, working with the Mars Exploration Rovers also requires that team members learn to "see like a Rover".

The Social Life of Spacecraft

How do the many scientists and engineers who work on spacecraft mission teams decide what their robots should do next? My current work compares the Mars Exploration Rover mission with the Cassini Mission to Saturn to examine how the social and technical organization of spacecraft teams affects the work that these teams accomplish in space. I call this theme "The Social Life of Spacecraft."

HCI and Digital Studies

21st-century configurations of people and technologies are challenging the way we think about work, play and communication. My work in Human-Computer Interaction seeks to put principles from Science & Technology Studies into practice, using analytical techniques from sociology of science and technology to produce new ways of understanding, guiding, and designing for emerging technologies.

Mind the Gap

How do images of objects inform our interactions with those objects? I explored this question with a qualitative study of the London Underground Map. The question was how an iconic image such as the Tube Map affected users' representations, stories, and interactions with the City of London. By analogy, iconic representations of objects like atoms or DNA might also affect how we think about those objects or structure possible interactions with them.

Representation in Scientific Practice

Technologies of imaging and observation have long been central to scientific practice. I have explored these questions of representation in scientific practice using the tools of sociology as well as history and philosophy of science.