Graduate Community Initiative

It's finally here: the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly has released its Graduate Community Initiative! The Initiative is a co-authored document produced by our Assembly requesting a focused and integrated approach to graduate and professional student issues at Cornell, including: an expanded student center, improved career resources for students and their spouses, and sustained attention to graduate and professional student housing. As President of the GPSA, I presented the Initiative to the Cornell Board of Trustees on Friday the 9th of March (see coverage in the Cornell Chronicle and the Daily Sun, and on Monday we hosted President Skorton at our Council of Representatives Meeting to officially present the document and discuss next steps. Based on the positive feedback we've received from University leaders -- from the Provost to the Dean of Graduate Studies -- it sounds like the document will be influential in directing university-wide policy. Go team! :)

Upcoming speaking engagements

I will be attending a conference on ethnographies of scientific practice in Fribourg, Switzerland in late March, to speak about my work on the Rover mission. This conference brings together ethnographers and ethnomethodologists from around the world to discuss the current state of laboratory studies, with an eventual publication of collected papers.
I have also been invited to speak at the University of Toronto's Jackman Program for the Arts conference on Visualization in Scientific Practice at the end of April. The conference is chaired by philosopher of science Brian Baigrie and features such prestigious scholars as David Gooding, Lisa Cartwright and Alex Pang.

Swarm CES 2007

This January I'll join a group of scholars from across the Humanities and Social Sciences at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV, to engage in an exciting new research program, sponsored by the Center for History and New Media. CES is the biggest technology fair in the world, featuring the release of new products from an international array of companies -- and is too big for any one social scientist. But with twenty of us working together in a 'swarm', it will present an exciting opportunity to engage in collaborative qualitative scholarship on topics of interest across the site. Stay posted for findings and publications...

Imaging the City

My colleage at Carnegie Mellon, Carl DiSalvo, and I are running an exciting workshop at CHI 2007: Imaging the City. The workshop probes the relationships between representations and interactions in th urban sphere, with a focus on how visual technologies -- surveillance cameras, GoogleMaps mashups, etc -- make the city visible and interactable. Check out our website and CFP.

Funding news!

I've been awarded an NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant towards my study of the Mars Rover Mission! The grant will mainly cover travel expenses and enable me to spend some quality time in California at JPL, as well as visit some of the sites at ASU and WashU.

I've also been awarded the Society for Humanities Fellowship at Cornell next year.This means that I will be one of two graduate students to join an interdisciplinary group of faculty at A.D. White House to discuss the topic of "Improvisation". I also get to put on a workshop, which I proposed on the topic of Improvisation in Science...  Stay tuned!


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