I'm on Wired's Smart List 2013!

I'm on Wired Magazine's "Smart List" for 2013! The list highlights people whose work is most likely to "change the world" by asking established thinkers to "nominate one fresh, exciting thinker who is influencing them, someone whose ideas or experience they feel are transformative."

It's especially wonderful to be nominated by my colleague danah boyd, well known for her work on teens and internet technologies. Check it out: there are, indeed, some very smart people on that list!

New Edited Collection out this winter!

I'm excited to announce that Representation in Scientific Practice Revisited will be released in January 2014. Co-edited with my colleagues Catelijne Coopmans (NUS), Michael Lynch (Cornell), and Steve Woolgar (Oxford), it's been many years in the making, and brings together the latest and greatest scholarship on images in science: how they're used, how we can better understand them, and how to analyze them. Check it out - it's available for preorder and electronic versions as early as December 2013!

Joining Princeton's Sociology Department

I'm delighted to announce that I'll be joining Princeton University's outstanding Sociology Department as a tenure-track professor starting this summer. It's a real pleasure to join such terrific colleagues and to teach the sociology of science, technology, knowledge and organizations to its students.

Op Ed on Google Breakup

As many of you know, I broke up with Google in March. I wrote an Op Ed about my experiences for CNN Opinion, discussing the relative advantages of the competition introduced by Apple Maps. Check it out!

Speaking at McGill University

On Thursday October 4 at 5:30pm I'll be speaking at McGill University as part of the Art History and Communication Studies and History and Philosophy of Science Seminar Series. If you're in Montreal, come on by!

Sloan Foundation Grant

It's official - the Sloan Foundation is sponsoring our Digital STS workshop at 4S in Copenhagen this fall. The grant will provide travel assistance to graduate students in need who wish to attend the workshop. The workshop is also made possible thanks to a small grant from the National Science Foundation's Research Coordination Network grant in sociotechnical systems, and thanks to the Center for Networked Culture at the IT University of Copenhagen. It's shaping up to be a terrific event!


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