Teaching at Princeton:


  • SOC 356 Sociology of Science - Spring 2013
  • SOC/COS 409 Critical Approaches to Human-Computer Interaction - Spring 2012
  • SOC 357 Sociology of Technology (Junior Seminar) - Fall 2010 & Fall 2011. Profiled by Princeton University here.
  • FRS 140 The Art of Science, the Science of Art (Freshman Seminar) - Spring 2011
  • Sociology of Science (Forthcoming, Projected Spring 2013)


Teaching at Cornell:

  • S&TS 126.1 The Art of Science, the Science of Art (primary instructor in a writing seminar course)
  • S&TS 201 What is Science? (TA)
  • S&TS 355 Computers: From the 17th Century to the Dot Com Boom (TA)
  • S&TS 101 Science in the Public Arena (TA)


Qualified for university-level instruction and advising on the following topics:

  • Sociology and Philosophy of Visual Cultures of Science
  • Sociology of Science and Technology
  • History of Visual Cultures of Science 1600-1800

Additional broad research experience in the sociology of scientific knowledge, the history and philosophy of science, the history of scientific instruments (especially cameras, microscopes, and telescopes), science fiction, science and art, and human-computer interaction.


Other teaching experience:

  • A (Very) Brief History of Art (Vancouver School Board 2001, for students going to Europe on Study Abroad trip)
  • Internet Safety workshops (BC and Nova Scotia, 2000-2003)
  • 'Science and Society' and 'Science and Art' (UBC Connect 2001)