I've been playing the harp for over fifteen years, originally classically trained (French style) with a rich Celtic traditional streak, then moving to jazz. I now play almost exclusively jazz and contemporary music - pretty much anything from George Gershwin to Joni Mitchell, Miles Davis to James Brown.

I played for a long time at weddings in Vancouver with the group Music From the Mists, and with CU Jazz in a variety of jazz combos on campus. While living in Los Angeles I was a regular at the famous Midtones Jam in Chinatown. For more information and sound clips check out my Myspace page, or this video on YouTube.

My harp is a Little Big Blue made by Camac Harp company. It's electro-acoustic, which makes for great concert sound and funky effects when you plug in a wah pedal.

My brothers are both professional musicians. If you like opera, check out Basso Profundo Campbell Vertesi and his wife, Soprano Bryn Vertesi, currently tearing up the European music scene with their extraordinary voices and an opera performance group called The Cast. Meanwhile, my brother David Vertesi has been nominated for several awards as a singer-songwriter and is constantly touring with his fabulous band, Hey Ocean!.

Image Credit: John Spencer, SWRI.