Spring 2008

At Cornell snow is in the air, the Society for the Humanities is back into full swing -- and speaking of swing, in addition to my usual jazz combo I will be playing with the CU Jazz Ensemble I in a (re)production of Miles Davis' Sketches of Spain in April! More details as they come...

Speaking engagements this semester include a visit to MIT's Space Science Policy group and STS program; I will be presenting some of my work on the Mars Exploration Rover mission, with an emphasis on the visualizations and embodied interactions that team members use to depict Martian terrain "like a Rover". Following that talk, I have also been invited to speak at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science at the workshop, The Educated Eye. Here I will present the scientists' side of working with Rover images, focusing on how details are teased out of the Martian landscape with digital editing software.

Also, my paper on the effects of the iconic tube map on navigating and representing the city of London is now published as "Mind the Gap: The London Underground Map and Users' Representations of Urban Space" in the journal, Social Studies of Science, 38.1: 7-33. Check it out!