New NSF Grant

I have received a grant from the National Science Foundation's Social-Computational Systems division to support my work on the Cassini mission to Saturn for the next three years.  This award will be divided between a cross-disciplinary team at Princeton University involving Sociology, Computer Science, History of Science, and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; and a team at the University of California, Irvine's Department of Informatics, including Prof. Paul Dourish, Dr. Melissa Mazmanian, and graduate student Marisa Cohn. The goals of the project are to better understand the rich social and computational environment in which work on the Cassini mission takes place, with implications for the design of software and hardware in institutions and in upcoming missions. Particular areas of interest include software interfaces, team decision-making, data management, and international collaboration. Watch this space for more details on the project and its findings as they emerge!