4S Panel: STS 2.0: Taking the Canon Digital

I'm so excited to announce our double panel session at the Society for Social Studies of Science this year in Cleveland: STS 2.0: Taking the Canon Digital. Along with my colleague David Ribes at Georgetown University, we've assembled two outstanding panels of scholars in Science and Technology Studies to address the question of digital studies in our field. The key questions we're addressing are:

- How do we renew the STS canon for contemporary studies of digital environments/interactions?
- Within contemporary digital environments, what (new or old) STS topics and themes are coming to the fore?

Panelists include Trevor Pinch (Cornell University), Josh Greenberg (Sloan Foundation), Morana Alac (UCSD), and Lucy Suchman (Lancaster); Geof Bowker (Pittsburgh), Paul Dourish (UCI), Biella Coleman (NYU), and Anita Chan (Urbana-Champaign). But the real goal of the panels is to inspire discussion, and bring our community together around this important topic. As such, the panelists will only have a limited time for their provocative remarks: the rest is up to the audience. This should be an exciting moment for our community and I can't wait to see what everyone says! See you there!