Janet Vertesi

Welcome! I am a sociologist of science and technology at Princeton University, where I am an Assistant Professor in the Sociology Department. I'm interested in the complex intersections between people, science, and technological systems: especially the role of digital images in science, the organization and coordination of distributed robotic spacecraft teams, transnational technologies, and the future of digital scholarship. At Princeton, I teach classes on the Sociology of Technology, Sociology of Science, and Human-Computer Interaction.

My research focuses on the human-robot interactions that fuel planetary science research, and how the social organization of technical teams affects and reflects their robots' activities and scientific results. I also have a long-standing research interest in representation in scientific practice, and critical approaches to Human Computer Interaction. You can read more about my various projects on the Research page.

These days, you'll find me working on my first book manuscript, on my two-year ethnographic study of the Mars Exploration Rover Mission, to be published by Chicago University Press in 2014. As a followup to that study, I'm conducting a comparative ethnography with the Cassini Mission to Saturn, thanks to a National Science Foundation Grant in SocioComputational Systems, undertaken in collaboration with my Co-I's at University of California, Irvine. I'm running Princeton Tech/Soc, a group dedicated to understanding technology in society; and working with the nascent Digital Humanities Initiative on campus. I've recently completed co-editing the forthcoming volume, Representation in Scientific Practice Revisited (MIT Press, 2014), and co-curating a special issue of the Journal of Human Computer Interaction on transnationalism and computing; and am currently engaged in a multi-year effort to address the question of digital scholarship in Science and Technology Studies.

Here, you'll find more information about my projects, my publications, and my other engagements. You're also welcome to follow me on Twitter, where I tweet as @cyberlyra.